Turning Words into Numbers

It is testing season!  Do your children know how to turn word problems / applications into equations and then answer the question being asked?  One of my great frustrations has been that there are few if any systems in place to teach children the process of  turning story problems into equations. Children read a story and then go with their gut sense of what to do with the problem.  If they have great intuition, they will be successful.  But too many of our children resort to serial guessing or external cues (in Montessori, for example, the color of card stock on which stories are printed).

In response to this need, I created a series of 4 lessons using card sets that teach children the process of setting up equations from story problems.  Initial lessons are purely card sorting with no mathematics involved – they are essentially language lessons. The latter lessons integrate mathematical expressions and solutions.

Each lesson comes with masters for the card sets and Controls of Error – everything you need to print, laminate and teach!  I hope that you find them as useful as I do and that your children will enjoy greater success as a result of these lessons.

My next project will take me in one of two directions: creating cross-curricular story problems (abstract application) for each of the operations at various levels OR creating activities to cause the children to engage with the Hierarchy of Numbers with each material as it is introduced. These will essentially be a series of Initial Presentation lessons for each material with follow-ups to refresh the concept of the hierarchy as children progress on the path to abstraction.  If you have a preference, if one of these directions would better serve the needs of the children in your classroom, please contact me at lockhartlearning@gmail.com!



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