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Users Guide to Physics of the Earth

User’s Guide to Physics of the Earth

Montessorians are trained to present lessons in the concrete – but who has access to an equipped science lab? And what if science isn’t my thing? Who has time for all that research!? And what if I teach it wrong? User’s Guide to Physics of the Earth is a collection of over 70 lessons including presentations, diagrams, charts, experiments and follow-up activities that can be done mostly with things found in the kitchen and garage. Disclaimer: None of the lessons in this album lead to exploding things. The children will have to get those “really fun” experiences elsewhere.   Read more

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414 Pages — Instant Download Digital File (pdf)
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Nomenclature fascinates elementary age children.  Developmentally, they are ordering their world in order to better understand it abstractly.  These card sets use the more current nomenclature system, which segregates the root as a separate system from the above ground shoot system.

Lockhart Learning Botany Nomenclature Cards Complete Cabinet contains everything needed to make the entire 41 card set cabinet pictured.  Four-part botany nomenclature cards (name, definition, drawing with an isolated feature, and control card) lead the child to explore the rich diversity of botany while learning valuable terminology.  The sequence of cards models the Montessori philosophy of progressing from broad concepts to increasing levels of detail.  Purchased individually, the entire botany nomenclature cabinet is $115.  Get it now and save $25 (over 20%)

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Need to build botany over time?  The Complete Cabinet can be purchased in 3 phases: Beginning Botanists, Flora Fans, and Ecology Enthusiasts.

Beginning Botanists: 13 Pages — Instant Download Digital File (zipped pdfs): Price: $15.00  


Flora Fans: 20 Pages — Instant Download Digital File (zipped pdfs)   Price: $29.00 


Ecology Enthusiasts:30 Card Sets — Instant Download Digital File (zipped pdfs) Price: $64.00 

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Single Subject Approach: add the card sets for Ecology Enthusiasts one part-of-the-shoot-system at a time for those building their botany curriculum over several years.

Stems: 11 Pages — Instant Download Digital File (zipped pdfs)   Price: $12.50 

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Leaves: 18 Pages — Instant Download Digital File (zipped pdfs)   Price: $24.00 

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Flowers: 17 Pages — Instant Download Digital File (zipped pdfs)   Price: $24.00

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Fruits: 6 Pages — Instant Download Digital File (zipped pdfs)   Price: $7.50

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Seeds: 2 Pages — Instant Download Digital File (zipped pdfs)   Price: $3.00 

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Map reading is a practical life skill, often assessed in standardized testing.  Our map studies materials include Bird’s Eye View, perspective drawings as an introduction to map view, and Common Topographic Features, recognizing common topographic features on a contour map.

“Bird’s Eye View”: Perspective Drawings as an Introduction to Map View 

Leveled lessons and 4-part cards provide children with experiences that transition from concrete to abstract, looking at familiar items from a variety of perspectives.  Children begin this process examining manipulative items found in a classroom (“Can you hold your pencil in a way that makes it look like a pink circle?”)   Soon after, they graduate to medium scale items such as playground equipment, and then to large scale items like buildings and roads, providing an easy transition to the abstract and symbolic process of map reading.  Read more

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Lockhart Learning -- Topographic StudiesCommon Topographic Features: Recognizing Common Features on a Contour Map

Contour maps add the dimension of elevation to two-dimensional mapping. They are an invaluable resource for outdoor workers and recreational enthusiasts, and a powerful addition to an orienteering and outdoor–ed curriculum for older children.These 4-part cards (with lesson plan) familiarize children with contour map representations of common topographic features like hills, valleys, mountains, and cliffs. They also integrate positive, comparative and superlative adjectives (tall mountain, taller mountain, tallest mountain) to lead children to intuit “rules” of contour mapping such as the concept that more densely spaced contours indicates steeper terrain.  ”Read

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Big Picture Science is an excellent source for science learning materials created by Priscilla Spears, PhD.