Meet Me in Chicago

Greetings to all of our Lockhart Learning friends!

Are you attending the AMS conference in Chicago on March 11-13? If so, look me up! I will be speaking bright and early on Saturday morning (8:00-9:30).

My workshop is entitled Math Facts Made Memorable. If that sounds familiar, then you probably have at least viewed the monograph by a similar title! Making Math Facts Memorable

The workshop will explore how children (and adults) learn and internalize ready-recall facts so that we can eliminate unproductive (and sometimes long-held) beliefs and practices, replacing them with others that can produce greater benefits. There will be demonstrations and practice of fun multi-modal activities to aid in retention and recall. We will also discuss ways to grow math fact mentors in your classroom.

All of this can be done without significant increase to teachers’ record-keeping or instructional time!

Due to time limitations, we will spend the vast majority of our time together focused on addition, with a brief foray into skip counting as a passage towards multiplication mastery.
I hope to see many of you in Chicago!

Happy March-

Betsy Lockhart
Lockhart Learning

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