Join me for my webinar, where we will Divide and Conquer!

Hello, friends of Lockhart Learning!

If you are free tomorrow night (Thursday) I hope that you will join me for my AMS webinar, Divide and Conquer!  I will be tracing the division sequence from the simplest whole number division with Golden Beads through fraction and decimal division, highlighting language that that enhances and streamlines children’s transition to abstraction.
 Highlights of the evening will include:
  • The difference between distributive and group division, and the vital importance of including group division in the child’s lesson sequence.
  • Effective language to use when introducing decurion and centurion division (division with 2 and 3 digit divisors).
  • The real reason that “invert and multiply” works for fraction division, and a focused sequence to lead children to abstraction without teaching the trick.
  • A sequence of decimal division that will enhance children’s number sense and their facility with the hierarchy of numbers, while leading them to abstraction.
If you would like to join me, sign up on the AMS website: .
Wishing you all the best –
Betsy Lockhart

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