Instructions for Creating Botany Nomenclature Cards

Each page in the pdf contains full-color masters for one or two concepts.

For example, the first page in Parts of a Root has picture, name and definition for The Root System and The Primary Root.   The second page has picture, name and definition for The Secondary Root and Root Hairs, etc.

The teacher wishing to create classic 4-part cards should make 2 copies of each page onto white card-stock, cutting the individual cards apart on one copy and preserving the three cards as a single unit on the second copy to create the control-of-error.  Refer to the thumbnail photographs on the website for an image of the completed product.

These materials are designed to fit into a pamphlet display container, available at office supply stores.  PLEASE NOTE:  The highest quality color reproduction may be obtained by sending the digital files to a commercial print shop such as those found at office supply stores rather than by using a home printer.