Attending the AMS Conference this Month?

If you are attending the AMS Conference this month in Orlando, please stop by to see me!  I will be giving a talk on Friday entitled, To Infinity and Beyond.  This workshop will discuss how and why we have some children who have worked with the wonderful Montessori materials throughout their academic career and yet can get to the ripe old age of age 9 or 10 without having a solid sense of the Hierarchy of Numbers.  This workshop will be, in large part, about new ways to use familiar materials to reinforce the hierarchy regularly, keeping it in the forefront for children.  There will be lots of ideas that are immediately applicable in the classroom with materials that you already have, as well as suggestions for materials that you can make at very low cost.  There will also be a presentation of a new material that supports the story that some have heard in one version or another, Streets in Infinity.  Shortly after the conference, a free downloadable version of that lesson will be available on the math page of our website, so even if you can’t make it to Orlando, check back here at the end of March to see what’s new!

Hope to see many of you in March!


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