Faster Downloads with Compressed PDFs

Greetings to all the Friends of Lockhart Learning!

The news today is that I recently discovered how to compress files that have lots of photographs in them – files like the free downloads of Divide and Conquer, Streets in Infinity Lessons, Showing Fraction Division as “Invert and Multiply” with Materials, and The Fourth and Fifth Powers of a Binomial.  That means that if you previously tried to download any of these papers and had trouble, you should try again!

I am excited to tell you all that my latest monograph, Making Math Facts Memorable, is well underway.  It details classroom-tested methods of making math facts practice more multi-modal and more focused, to get better results from the time your children are already spending on math facts practice. With the summer training season gearing up, I can only promise that it will be done before you return to your classrooms in the fall, but whenever it is complete, I will post to this blog.

I am also beginning work on a collection of sentences to support Not Your Grandma’s Grammar.  These sentences will make it even easier to implement your parts of speech and sentence analysis studies.  The sentences will be cross-curricular and indexed to the lessons in the album.  Curious?  Take a peek at Unvilifying Verbals.  This work has sentences illustrating infinitives, participles, and gerunds.  The sentence groupings to come will be similarly structured, suitable to use for children’s follow-up, but will be indexed to earlier and earlier lessons in the sequence.  Each time I complete a new set of sentences, as it is added to the website, I will post a blog announcing its completion.

In the mean time, I wish you all a wonderful conclusion to your school year, and a relaxing and regenerative summer!

-Betsy Lockhart

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